I have business experience - Having earned an MBA I can help you with the business side of projects. I understand budgets and schedules. I understand return on investment and return on assets. I managed a $500,000 project whose product is used in the aquarium in Genoa, Italy. I am also the finance committee chair for a small Methodist church. I can also help you with product management. I was a product manager for the end of life of a product I worked on for 18 years. I helped influence marketing and management decision makers on how to proceed with end of a product’s life. I can also help you with product management on the front end. I have worked with product managers in the conceptual and requirements phase of products.

I have project management experience - I know project management and would manage your projects well. I took the project management certificate course at Penn State Abington. I know projects from both the contributor and management perspective. I set up a project management office at a medium-sized company. I managed a $500,000 project that was year-long, on time and on budget. I also managed a small group of software engineers who created patches, service packs and provided upgrade services with up to $100,000 in revenue per upgrade. I did the annual reviews for these engineers. At Spring Mountain, I am the shift supervisor for 10-20 ski patrollers. I could lead your engineers.

I have international experience - I could help you with international projects since I have an appreciation of the time and culture differences. I grew up in South America and Europe and speak both Spanish and French. I have a working knowledge of basic German. My language skills allow me to talk to and understand foreign counterparts and colleagues.

I have technical experience
- I have 23 years experience in all phases of software development from concept to customer support. I’ve written more than 50,000 lines of code and scripts. I can help you take a vague concept and flesh it out by filling in the details that you have not yet thought of. I have the experience to ask the right questions. I have created scripts to provide tools to engineers used during configuration management, build and release. I can help you determine what needs to be tested. I’ve done unit, integration, system, performance and customer acceptance testing; and I’ve done these both manually and automated. I can take your product to a customer site and help them install it and learn to use it.

I have administrative experience - I could help keep your project processes, policies and procedures on track. As a project manager I had to keep to a strict project process methodology. For ten years I administered a configuration management system that provided source code and document version control and tracked problems and issues. I administered a program to convert customer graphics from legacy formats to newer formats with up to $10,000 in revenue per order. I also created the policies and procedures manual, a 70+ page document, for the Spring Mountain Ski Patrol.

I have customer-facing experience - I could help you with customer relations. I have traveled to customers to help them install hardware and software, and to diagnose problems. I have worked on customer problems providing diagnosis and solutions. I have experience dealing with skeptical customers and delighting them with timely quality service.

I have training experience - I could help you with your training programs. I have trained employees and customers in new products and processes. I have set up training programs for employees needing training for a new project. I have been training new ski patrollers in Outdoor Emergency Care, a 10-12 week college level course, for seven years.

I have excellent writing skills - I could help you with all sorts of documents. I have written, edited, and reviewed countless documents. I have written portions of numerous software installation and user manuals. I was also the editor of the Texas Instruments Industrial Systems Division Technical Newsletter. I know how to explain things in plain, understandable English.

I have excellent oral and presentation skills - I could help you to present your ideas to others. I have presented and spoken before countless audiences. I presented a paper at an ISA conference. I had to defend my Masters thesis. I am a Toastmasters Competent Communicator. I have spoken at and led many meetings. As a trainer I have had to make numerous Powerpoint presentations.

I am a fast learner - I would be able to learn your systems, procedures and technologies quickly. No new employee can be hired one day and become as productive as other long-time senior employees the next day. It takes several months for this to happen. I could learn what I need to do in that time.

I am an innovator - I could bring innovation to you. When there is an unfilled need, I find an innovative way to fill it. In a previous employment, proposals engineers and project managers in certain projects kept coming to me to evaluate the feasibility of their projects. I would then ask them to gather certain data before I could make the evaluation. I would have to explain how to gather this data. I was the subject matter expert. To make the process more efficient, I developed a document, questionnaire and software tool to allow them to gather this data before asking for my evaluation.